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Executive Function

Summer Camps

Summer 2022 Update: NO CAMPS

Unfortunately, we are unable to host any camp sessions in the summer of 2022.

We have always been led by a very small team and that team has a lot of big events happening this summer, including Dylan's wedding, move across the country to Seattle, and the sale of our Studio space. While we hope to find ways to keep this camp running in years to come, we simply cannot make it happen this summer.

We love teaching Jumpstart and we're very sorry we can't do it this summer for your students. We appreciate your understanding and will keep you informed as we make decisions for Summer 2023.

Thank you,

Dylan & The Jumpstart Team

About Jumpstart Chicago

     Jumpstart Chicago was founded on the principle that all students have the potential to succeed, but not all students have access to the specific tools necessary to succeed. A majority of the problems that students struggle with don't stem from a lack of intelligence but rather because they lost their assignments, don't know how to effectively study for a test, can't manage their time on a long-term project, don't have a consistent place to complete homework, etc. All of these shortcomings fall under the category of "Executive Functioning," a concept that is often assumed in our kids, but never explicitly taught. Jumpstart aims to teach these specific skills and techniques so that students may finally rise to their full potential- as scholars, athletes, artists and more. 

     Jumpstart Chicago was founded by Dylan Gschwind, a young graduate of a selective enrollment school who noticed the rising stress levels in 7th grade families and was eager to provide a solution. He teamed up with his sister, a veteran CPS teacher, to develop a unique curriculum based on hands-on activities and educational games that resonated with 12-year-olds and parents alike. Back in 2011, the first jumpstart camp had 3 students and was taught out of a living room. Since then, based almost exclusively on word-of-mouth, Jumpstart has expanded exponentially and has helped over 325 students find confidence and success. 

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