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The 7th Grade Jumpstart Camp

Our week-long camp teaches specific time management skills and organizational tools to prepare students for the academic rigors of their ever-critical 7th grade year

About 7th Grade Jumpstart Camp

      Inspired to help 7th graders reach their full academic potential, we started the 7th Grade Jumpstart Camp seven years ago. Focusing on executive function skills such as organization, time management and communication, the 7th Grade Jumpstart Camp helps students take responsibility for their education so they can grow into lifelong scholars. Through a series of educational games and hands-on activities students learn the essential skills to gain confidence in themselves and succeed in this most demanding and influential academic year. Both students and parents rave about the program!

      The Jumpstart Camp curriculum, based on leading research in educational and psychological studies, helps promote the following:

  • Goal Setting

  • Growth Mindset

  • Successful Habits

  • Time Management

  • Long-Term Project Planning

  • Organization

  • Communication

  • Writing Emails

  • Mindfulness

  • Study Skills

      The 7th Grade Jumpstart Camp is unique in that it provides an opportunity to learn these crucial but often overlooked developmental skills. While all of what we teach can be applied in the classroom, strong executive functioning can help kids become better musicians, athletes, artists, entrenpeneurs and more. We strive to make these concepts applicable to every student, no matter their passion, because we believe success begins with a goal and a plan. After one week with Jumpstart, your student will gain the confidence and tools to start 7th grade on the right foot!

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