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Student Feedback

"The major strengths were how they connected with the students and made them feel less scared of seventh grade"

“It didn’t just teach us about studying, there were also ways to relax and how you can use technology to help with studying. I also liked the fun games.”

"I liked the seventh grade jumpstart program. 7th grade is going very well thanks to the program."

“I would say it’s not school at all… IT’S BETTER.”

"I loved the program. It was like you took the fun things and more about school and put them in twelve and a half hours of camp."

"It really helped me mentally prepare for seventh grade, as well as learn more ways to keep organized. Thanks to the class, I am staying MUCH more organized than last year or any years before."

"I loved it a lot and will recommend it to everyone going into 7th grade."

"I would rate this 10/10 stars, best camp to help students everywhere.”

Parent Feedback

"My daughter was excited to participate in this program. She was enthusiastic about the contents of this program and has used them even before she started the 7th grade. She is much more organized and that has helped her attack the tremendous amount of homework that she has."

"Connecting with the kids on their level was important. Mixing fun with learning is always important."

"What a great program! My daughter learned how to better prepare herself for 7th grade in ways I didn't think she would! She came out of the program feeling much more confident about starting 7th grade than before!"

"My daughter's instructor was very knowledgeable in every subject and was able to relate to my daughter and her peers in a way that made them not only enjoy the program, but had them wanting to come back and learn more!"

"Dylan was a great instructor! Both of of my boys did his 7th Jump Start Program and got so much out of it. He definitely helped with their confidence in starting and succeeding in 7th grade!"

"My son very much enjoyed the camp. I hope what he learned will help him navigate 7th grade. If anything, it has instilled some confidence in him to start the year off right. The daily updates to parents were great!"

2020 Virtual Camp Feedback

"It is so fun and your going to LOVE IT!"

"Jumpstart is very helpful and does a great job preparing you for school."

"Jumpstart does a good job having everyone interacting with each other to do something. I also liked that we played games and did fun activities while still learning and getting things done."

"I would tell them that the teachers are really nice and that they will have a great time."

"It was really engaging and had a fun way of teaching. "

"It going to help stay more focused in class be more smart about my decisions."

"Introducing helpful concepts and teaching about good values to have in a supportive and fun environment that doesn't feel boring."

"That the camp is helpful and reenforcing, without treating the campers like small children, which is something I feel like a lot of these sort of camps do."

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